Nepal Solidarity Committees (Ireland)

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Who we are

The Nepal Solidarity Committees (Ireland) have been set up with the intention of educating people on the revolution in Nepal and organising to support that revolution which is being led by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).

Despite this potentially being the first successful revolution by Communist forces since 1949 most people are very misinformed if not ignorant of the fact that it is occurring. The ruling classes do not want the people to be aware that revolution is indeed possible as ultimately this will mean their own end. Our first aim is therefore to educate people on the revolution and its consequences not just in Nepal but throughout the world.

We hope that this blog will not only be used as a news source to find information on the revolution but also a place in which we can discuss it.

As we grow we will also seek to engage in further activities such as study groups, fund raising and agitation.

We can be contacted on


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