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“We want to continue working with parties and the int’l community,” says Prachanda

Posted by nepalsol on April 12, 2008

In what appeared to be his attempt to assure the domestic and foreign political actors – who are seemingly at unease over the nationwide sweep of the election by the party of former rebels – Maoist chairman Prachanda has expressed his party’s sincerity towards the peace process.Prachanda Victorious

With his shoulders carrying garlands upon garlands of flowers and forehead smeared with red vermillion, an elated Maoist chairman Prachanda addressed an impromptu press meet at Birendra International Convention Center (BICC) in New Baneshwore, where the vote counting was carried out.

“We will work together with not only the seven parties but also the new parties that will be established through this election and the old parties in existence in the forthcoming constitution making process,” he said.

“All eyes are upon us. This is a positive challenge for us. I want to clarify that the path of cooperation that we adopted since 12-point agreement will continue,” he said.

“For the international community and especially our neighbors India and China, I want to say that our party wants good relations with all of them and is
willing to work together on development cooperation and peace process,” he said.

“Our commitment on multi party democracy has been expressed through this election as well,” he added, in an attempt to queries among some quarters raising doubts on Maoists’ democratic credentials.

He had a lot of words of thanks for the people of Nepal.

“I have taken this victory as the people’s mandate to us to consolidate lasting peace. We will remain honest to that mandate,” he said.

The press meet was attended also by senior Maoist leaders Dr. Baburam Bhattarai and Hisila Yami.

Prachanda, however, did not say anything about whether his party will stake claim to the government’s leadership.


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